Cool & Interesting Projects for Python Beginners

Beginner Level Python Project Ideas

Here we have listed python projects for beginners level Python Developer.

1. Mad Libs Generator

This python beginner project is a good start for beginner software developers as it has concepts like strings, variables, and concatenation. Mad Libs Generator teaches to manipulate user-inputted data as the Mad Libs refer to a series of inputs that a user enters. The input from the user could be anything from an adjective, a pronoun, or even a verb. After all the inputs are entered the application takes all the data and arranges it to build a story template.

2. Number Guessing

This project is an exciting fun game for beginners to build up. The program generates a random number from 1 to 10, or 1 to 100 any range that is specified and the user must guess the number after a hint from the computer. Every time a user’s guess is wrong they are prompted with more hints to make it easier for them to guess the number but at the cost of reducing the score. The clue any math clue like multiples, divisible, greater or smaller, or a combination of all.

The program also requires functions to check if an actual number is entered by the user or not, to compare the input number with the actual number, to find the difference between the two numbers.

3. Rock Paper Scissors

This program or a mini-game is designed when you don’t have anyone to play or you are under lockdown alone. There are a number of functions that this program requires so let us have an overview of each.

  • a random function: to generate rock, paper, or scissors.
  • valid function: to check the validity of the move.
  • result function: to declare the winner of the round.
  • scorekeeper: to keep track of the score.

The program requires the user to make the first move before it makes one the move. Once the move is validated the input is evaluated, the input entered could be a string or an alphabet. After evaluating the input string a winner is decided by the result function and the score of the round is updated by the scorekeeper function.

4. Website Blocker

We all know while surfing through the net many unwanted sites popup to distract us. This project comes at help in such cases as it can be built up to block certain websites from opening. The program is beneficial for people who get easily distracted to switch to social media sites while into something serious.

5. Binary Search Algorithm

The name is evident enough to give an overview of the project. The program requires you to create a list of numbers between 0 to whatever range you prefer, with every succeeding number having a difference of 2 between them.

When the user inputs a random number to be searched the program begins its search by dividing the list into two halves. The first half is searched for the required number and if found, the other half is rejected and vice versa. The search continues until the number is found or the subarray size becomes zero. This Python project idea could also help you write a program to search an element in the list.