Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Courses in December 2020 [updated]

Artificial Intelligence Course

We have compiled a list of AI courses offered by top tier universities and online forums to help you acquire this expertise and further your career goals in great leaps.

1. Artificial Intelligence Certification Program by Stanford University

This AI course is ideal for computer programming and language programming students and software engineers who eventually work with Artificial Intelligence. You can earn an AI certification from Stanford University under the tutelage of renowned Professor Andrew Ng.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Machine learning, knowledge representation.
  • Logic and probabilistic models.
  • Robotics, natural language processing, and visual learning.

(It is advisable to pair these courses with curriculums involving advanced statistics and probability for a better understanding of the subject)

On completing the course, students can apply for jobs in AI programming, Robotic Engineering, building AI for practical uses, and its application in business modules.


  • A Bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 or higher grade point average.
  • Understanding of advanced probability.
  • Advanced statistics and advanced linear algebra.
  • Experience with programming in C/C++, Java, Python, or other similar languages.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.8
Cost: Subject to the number of units chosen.
Duration: Subject to the number of units chosen.

You can sign up here.

2. Artificial Intelligence A-Z

This course provides a thorough knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, such as Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning, to create AI designs for real-world applications.

The course covers topic such as:

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence, it’s working, and its uses.
  • Creating Artificial Intelligence Designs.
  • Practicing Intuition Q-learning, Deep Q-learning, and Deep Convolutional Q-learning.
  • Learning to work with A3C.
  • Learn to control advanced AI models.
  • Design Virtual Self-driving cars.
  • Create AI programming to test games and defeat them.
  • Actively solving real problems in the world by using various AI designs.

Students can apply their extensive knowledge in AI to design real-world applications and sell them on completing the course. They can also apply for jobs in advanced AI programming and help develop AI technologies in the real world.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of python and high school mathematics.

Level: Beginner to Expert
Rating: 4.3
Cost: Original price $ 117, available at a discounted price of $ 9.49
Duration: 16 hours and 30 minutes

You can sign up here.

3. AI course for Everyone by Coursera

This course is offered by, established by the founding leader of Google brain and renowned Adjunct professor, Andre Ng of Stanford University.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Understanding machine learning and what its functions are.
  • The technical know-how of machine learning and non-technical explanations of deep learning.
  • Short quizzes to assist in grasping new and difficult concepts

Upon completing the course, the student can evaluate their options of taking further courses of in-depth education in Artificial Intelligence to get better job offers and work with futuristic technology.

Prerequisites: None
Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.8
Cost: $30 for certification course.
Duration: 6 hours

You can sign up here.